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Whipping Punishment
Whipping Punishment

A new business idea is born. Why only your wife or slave discipline. On behalf of customers to make payment against the whipping punishment of women would certainly be promising. Effective immediately, the punishment is carried out also to foreign women. It also takes not long to enter the first customer inquiries regarding the slave punishment phone. Due to the still low level of demand in the short term, an appointment for a punishment by caning to be agreed. The offer includes the caning punishment to even pick up the chastening woman.
The punishment of slaves begins befitting with their pick in a black limousine. For transport it be temporarily fixed with cable ties. Of his business idea with the punishment of slaves and still make money from it, is the "service provider" visibly excited. The idea is indeed no coincidence punishing young women is indeed one of his favorite hobbies. For him there is no more beautiful than to carry out severe punishment to women. Corporal punishment on the buttocks of a naked woman is his specialty. And that's how he is applying his business idea. We carry the severe punishment by the Po.

The maid punishment is imminent. For the punishment with the cane or the whip she is suspended from a heavy crane hook so that they can barely reach the ground with his toes. The naked punishment, hanging on the crane hook and the brutal beating they will not soon forget. As by a dominatrix punishment is carried out. Hard educational measures should learn a slave in the whipping punishment. It will not be granted clemency. The kick to punish her, makes him more violent bashing on the poor woman.

To carry out the punishment on the bare bottom could, he rips her clothes off all the ado loaf. If the punishment of slaves is performed so extremely hard and dirty, you will quickly find the ruthlessness of the executor. There are certainly other ways to educate disobedient women, but the whipping punishment of the slaves must be carried out extremely hard.

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