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Breast Whipping
Breast Whipping

The long-haired slave girl was told she is weeding the weeds in the flower beds. After two hours, it has just half a bucket full. That stinks of laziness and that must be punished with brutal breast whipping. It is obvious that she has had no real desire, to get this to work. Now the lazy slave suffer the consequences for their displeasure. The landlady wants harsh punishment as torture her naked breasts.
With thick knitting her two large breasts are tied, tied literally. Their breasts constricted and bound hands are tied up additionally on a tree branch. By tying the breasts, breast whipping is effective twice. To not just torture her breasts, can you still being pulled out of the slip. The breasts in bondage showing signs of setting, they get a bluish tint. Before the upcoming breasts torture but first whipped her sensitive pussy. With o 'nine tails, and Cat o' Nine mentioned, we punished her cunt uncontrollably and flogged

The painful strokes of the whip let her grin quickly disappearing.
From the back he beats her the whip between her long legs. Each beat is a direct hit on her pussy tortured. Breast whipping and pussy whipping torture are combined an effective means against laziness in slaves. Her pained face hints at the pain she must endure straight. The punishment is hell.

Because her breasts are bare so, the effect of the brutal blows hard adjusts quickly in the form of red welts. In this punishment her breasts are tortured extremely painful. The breast whipping of tormented beauty is coming to an end. The poor girl feels her breasts are no longer out of sheer pain. You will now again freed from their chains and collapses exhausted. You will be amazed how quickly they can now pull weeds.

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