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Ass Whipping
Ass Whipping

When the weather allows, there is nothing better than a sunbath. But it you overdoes it, you have to become a very extreme ass whipping. Whether the reddening ass comes from the sun, or from whip, is ultimately matter. Strikers house slave has that luxury just like that indulged in it and neglected her housework. Striker has noticed that the apartment is still not in perfect condition and has, therefore, decided to pull his horny but lazy slave up to be a punishment.

For education spectacle with the cane or whip he put them through a hole located in the garden wall, a type of window, and bound her arms and legs to heavy stones. This type of fixation, it was no longer possible for her, a possible caning or education with the whip to escape. How often does it with coincidences, is an old friend of Strikers over unexpectedly and had seen her just wanted striker whipped her ass. Strikers bound slave did not know the unexpected visit. For this reason, the "Great Unknown" is also called "mask", pulled a stocking over his head, to avoid detection.

Many wonder why the effort with the stocking, but even so he would have to attend the punishment. Yes, but he wanted to pull Strikers slave the whip over the ass. It did not take long to negotiate with the "Master of the whip", for an invitation to dinner, he let him the slave for whipping]. The "Mask" would be the education with the cane personally have preferred, but Strike had nor a cane, he was able to offer his guest. But even with the smooth leather whip his guest was satisfied. Now it could go on, to spank her butt.

The tormented slave realized that the hard knocks with the whip out of the hands of the "Mask" were even more brutal than by Striker. He could not even let go of her and hit her in the torture instrument again and again to the traveling covered by welts bare ass. He quickly realized that whip could be his new passion. He has spanked her bare ass, for her it was not even possible to do sedentary activities in the housework, so it burned the bottom. It will consider the next time probably twice what it does in order to find again the ass whipping punishment.

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