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Ass Spanking
Ass Spanking

The guy is dying of thirst on. It has now been over 45 minutes waiting to be ordered drink. And that's enough. The bumbling operation should learn in a brutal ass spanking punishment, the better to look after their guests. Washing glasses when she forgot the order of the total visitor pool. Now is the time, the girl to spank his bare bottom.
The neglected guest, draws attention with waving up. When she noticed him, she remembers the missed appointment again. It strives to provide the fastest guest. She wanted to formally apologize to him, but it was too late now. The irate guest read them assume a bent posture to begin with spanking on the bare ass. Impending beating the girl read his angry Facial expressions escape a smile. Her butt to have to miss the bats was unpleasant to him in any instance. They should suffer under the extreme ass spanking punishment.

Already the first strokes of the cane spanking the slave brought welts on her tight ass. The ass spanking welts look like thick red beads that line the stricken girl butt spanking. Through clever Dodge tries to escape the spanking on the bum. Her tormentor but knows how to "conjure up" her thick welts on his ass. The error made by the operator, this ass punishment is already extremely painful.

In order to obtain the formation of welts on the buttocks of the slave chastened some relief, he tries to whip the resulting welts with the beer, on which he had to wait so long to cool. Still, she is not "released". The punishment of spanking on the buttocks is now entering its final stage. Each new shock to the spanking on the buttocks brings her ass new welts. Only marginally noticed strokes with the whip cause welts that swell more pervasive than the cane caning.

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